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"The Not So Precise Podcast is an easy-listening  unrestrained

  of an unscripted conversation. It's the place where precise takes a backseat, and topic tales unfolds organically. Imagine kicking' back in a retro lounge  surrounded by plush burgundy chairs, low-lit by the warm glow of vintage lamps. The host is  armed with  unpredictability, navigate the realms of  Fire &  security protocols with the finesse of jazz musicians riffing on a timeless melody. So, grab your favourite pair of headphones, press play, and let The Not So Precise Podcast be your sonic sanctuary of laid-back wisdom in the realm of fire and security"


"Welcome to our podcast universe where engaging conversations unfold! Immerse yourself in the captivating world of insightful discussions with our dynamic host, Lee Dorman. Brace yourself for an audio journey filled with thought-provoking questions that transcend the ordinary. Lee's knack for asking intriguing and meaningful questions will take you on a rollercoaster of ideas, exploring topics that matter and leaving you with a fresh perspective. Join us on this auditory adventure as we delve into the realms of curiosity, knowledge, and entertainment. Get ready to be enlightened, entertained, and inspired, one question at a time! "

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Fire & Security 

 "Lee Dorman delves into the critical points surrounding Fire and Security. Join us for an insightful journey as Lee explores and discusses key aspects of fire safety and security measures. With a keen focus on the nuances of these crucial topics, Lee's expertise and inquisitive nature will provide you with a deeper understanding of the complexities involved. Whether you're seeking practical advice, industry insights, or a broader perspective on fire and security issues, Lee Dorman is your guide through this informative and engaging exploration. Tune in as we unravel the intricacies, analyse best practices, and foster a dialogue that ensures your safety and security remain at the forefront of the conversation"


"Join Lee Dorman, as he embarks on a mission to uncover the stories and personalities behind the industry. In each episode, Lee will delve into the lives and experiences of the individuals shaping and driving their respective fields. With a curious spirit and genuine interest, Lee aims to reveal the human side of the industry, discovering the passions, challenges, and unique journeys of the people who make it all happen. Get ready for a series of in-depth conversations that highlight the individuals behind the scenes, adding a personal touch to the professional landscape. Tune in as Lee Dorman brings you the voices and narratives that make industries not just thriving ecosystems but vibrant communities of inspiring individuals."

Founder & Host 

The Host 


Lee Dorman 

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